Clara, our warrior

Clara has been pivotal in the process of developing Bukky Baldwin from paper to execution. Her expert knowledge and experience in pattern making has been demonstrated in each and every garment at Bukky Baldwin. Her dedication and commitment has been endless throughout the whole journey Bukky Baldwin has undertaken in preparation for its official launch.

Clara’s inspiration for the collection and her favourite bits!

“ The collection was heavily influenced by structure and abstract symmetry, integrating a little retro renaissance. Lots of elements and nods to the 70's which can best be demonstrated in the flared trousers or the colourful use of denim fabrics. 

This merging of contemporary lines and cut was achieved through subtle nuances, the denim jacket is a great example of this design. A classic wardrobe piece, that on further inspection really exhibits the energy and charisma that speaks volumes in the Bukky Baldwin catalogue. It was one of my favourite pieces to construct; from achieving the trapezoid silhouette, prevalent in the jacket hem and cuffs- whilst still remaining a robust and functioning garment. ”

Clara working super hard a few days before the launch

Clara working super hard a few days before the launch

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