What it’s all about…

The ultimate Collaboration between Portuguese designer Josefinas and British designer Ibukun Jesusanmi . The Bukky Baldwin x Josefinas shoe collaboration is made up of three mules, all with colorful and playful illustrations by Ibukun called ‘Colorful Faces’. They celebrate one’s individuality, one’s unique color and imagination. Each pair of shoes is touched by the hands of 8 Portuguese artisans and takes about 4 hours to come to life. The Bukky Baldwin x Josefinas collection can be found exclusively online at josefinas.com/bukky-baldwin

Handcrafted in Portugal by Josefinas, ‘Colorful Faces’ represents Ibukun’s fun and playful designs alongside Josefinas made with beautiful workmanship and genuine leather exclusively in Portugal. The Bukky Baldwin x Josefinas shoe collaboration is available worldwide, starting 27/03/2019, exclusively at the Josefinas official e-store.

Josefinas is the only shoe brand born with the purpose to inspire and empower women through flat shoes. In 2013, three women started Josefinas with the dream of inspiring other women to follow their own paths.  Josefinas’ CEO, Maria Cunha, explains that Josefinas exists to support women: “I believe in a world with pro-active and supportive women. If it wasn’t for that, Josefinas wouldn’t exist! Through our journey we’re proud to have stood alongside incredible female entrepreneurs just as Patricia Chang and Chelsea Leifken. Today, we’re happy to be part of Ibukun’s world, whose business vision to improve the lives of people at stake touches on Josefinas’ vision to support and empower women.

Josefinas stands for everything Bukky Baldwin do and more. We couldn’t think of a better brand to debut a collaboration with!